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He ali‘i ka ‘āina, he kauwa ke kanaka. 

The land is the chief, man is the servant.

Mary Kawena Pukuʻi, ‘Ōlelo No‘eau no. 531


Kukuipahu Heiau is a Wahi Kūpuna of North Kohala that is still stewarded and remembered today by certain members of the Kohala community such as the Luhiau and Kuamoʻo ʻOhana. This is very special because this site is able to be preserved for future generations to experience, connect with, and learn about. 


Uncle Kanani sketching the heiau landscape.


About the Stewards

Aunty Lehua and Uncle Kanani Kaulukukui are founders of the Kuamoʻo Foundation, a non-profit family organization, and are the caretakers of Kukuipahu Heiau. They have been the curators of the heiau for over 10 years. They work as a team to mālama the heiau and engage the community in educational and stewardship efforts. 

Aunty Lehua (foreground), Uncle Kanani and Tracy Tam Sing (background)

Looking Forward

Their ultimate goals for the future of this wahi kūpuna is first stabilization and then restoration of the heiau. They are currently working with the State Archaeologist, Mr. Tracy Tam Sing, to include historical and family oral histories into the Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS). 

Additional funding sources are needed. Currently, the cost for liability insurance, maintenance of equipment, and other necessary supplies are the Kaulukukui's out-of-pocket expenses. Donations to the Kuamoʻo Foundation are accepted and greatly appreciated.  

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Left to right: Uncle Kanani, Uncle Kenneth Badua, Aunty Darlene Luhiau Badua, Tracy Tam Sing, Patrick Kirch, and Aunty Lehua in the foreground.

Want to visit Kukuipahu Heiau?  Click here to book a tour
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