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Kipuka Database is part of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) with a mission to "create a repository of knowledge where information about Hawai‘i’s land, culture and history can be easily accessed, to develop a virtual mo‘oku‘auhau [genealogy] of land tenure in Hawai‘i, and to provide an opportunity for individuals to forge new relationships between themselves and the ‘aina (land) that is most important to them". Kipuka is a geographical information system (GIS) that utilizes the latest mapping technologies. 


There were only a total of 4 search results for Kukuipahu in the Kipuka database. I was able to find a bit more information on the people connected to this ahupuaʻa through Land Commission Award documents, and visualize the boundaries and locations of Kukuipahu through Kipuka's GIS mapping. The land boundaries of Kukuipahu from Kipuka can be found on the 'About' page. What is helpful about this repository is that it has other related links available on every page and the community is allowed to add commentary and submit data to the database. There was only one page that had this type of data embedded in it and it was from the IARII, International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc.  

Table of Kukuipahu Resources for Kipuka

Wahi Pana- Kukuipahu Habitation Complex
Describes a large burial complex makai of Heiau with an associated trail. Site is ~13,000 square m. Includes site numbers and link to Kakauonohi land claim.
Wahi Pana - Kukuipahu
Link to Kakauonohi's claim. The dot charted on the map is un located. Little information presented.
Ahupuaʻa of - Kukuipahu
This page allows you to see the outline of the Kukuipahu ahupuaʻa on a satalite view of North Kohala. There is also links to other land claimants in this ahupuaʻa, including the names of the ones unmapped. There is also a list of historic sites within Kukuipahu. Kukuipahu Heiau is included in the list, there are also some that just have numbers and no name.
Wahi Pana - Heiau in Kukuipahu
International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc. (IARII)
Kakauonohi was a chief who claimed the whole ahupuaʻa of Kukuipahu. The mahele documents for Kakauonohi are linked on this page. The status of the heiau was reported destoryed in 1994. The function is listed as a heiau and the form is undetermined. Described by IARII of consisting of "stone remains".
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