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Fig.1 Derived from Kipuka, Map of North Kohala providing the boundaries of the Kukuipahu ahupuaʻa (blue lines) and where Kukuipahu Heiau is located. 

Over the last century, many heiau across our pae ʻāina have faced desecration, modification and removal for various reasons. Some of the general physical issues that heiau have faced over time are development, modification, removal, and gentrification. Kukuipahu Heiau has faced some of these issues throughout time. Generally, reasons why information cannot be found about a cultural site or heiau is because the place is either forgotten about, tucked away, built over, destroyed completely, or perhaps lost in memory. Although there is a protective buffer zone around Kukuipahu Heiau, the surrounding area around could be subject to future development. It is important to protect areas such as these to ensure its continual perpetuation for future generations. In order to become better stewards of this place, it is important to learn about the details of this heiau.


Kukuipahu Heiau is a cultural site that continues to be stewarded today and is located approximately in the upland region of the Kukuipahu ahupuaʻa, in the moku of (North) Kohala, on the island of Hawaiʻi. It is often listed as one of the four major heiau in Leeward North Kohala. On May 22 1972, this heiau was placed on the Hawaiʻi Register of Historic Places in which the State of Hawaiʻi brought this historic site under specific preservation laws. Despite being a state site, little information is presented about the history, cultural significance, and future stewardship endeavors.







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