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The Historical Sites Database is embedded within the the Papakilo database provided by the OHA, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. This database consists of a varied collection of data "pertaining to historically and culturally significant places, events, and documents in Hawai'i’s history". 


There were only 5 search results for the Historical Sites Database on Papakilo for the key terms "Kukuipahu" and "Kukuipahu Heiau". This tab showed 4 related archaeological resources listed in their inventory taken from SHPD records, State Historic Preservation Division.


There documents were not attached and not available to view so I wasnʻt able to look into these resources. However, I included these resources because they would be a great documents to analyze and research into in the future. There are requirements and fees to view some of the documents within the SHPD archive.

Table of Kukuipahu Resources for Historical Sites Database 

Archaeological Inventory Survey, Upland Portions of Kukuipahu and Awalua, North Kohala, Hawai`i.
Jim Adams, J. Stephen Athens
Archaeological Reconnaissance of Approximately 1700 Acres at Maliu, North Kohala, Hawai`i.
William Jr. Barrera
Archaeological Walk-Through Survey of Proposed Kawaihae and Kukuipahu Power Plant Areas, Island of Hawaii.
Margaret L. K. Luscomb
Report on the Archaeological Walk-Through Survey of a Coastal Portion of Kukuipahu, North Kohala, Hawai`i Island.
Paul Rosendahl
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