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Maps & Photos


Maps and photos can give a lot of insight on how the heiau looks, the boundaries, and the location. Every map is made is for a reason and can give indications as to what else is around the area such as roads, mountains, lots, harbors, streams, ect. There are two types of photos displayed: old aerial photos and recent ground photos. Having a compilation of images and maps allows for comparison to the landscape over time.


These are recent photos taken at the site by Uncle Kanani and Aunty Lehua Kaulukukui. These photos were taken while when Uncle went up to maintain the site and cut grass on July 31st, 2020. These show up close images of what the heiau looks like now. 

MAGIS Aerial Photos

The MAGIS, Maps, Aerial Photographs, and GIS (geographic information system) unit, website is an online repository from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa that holds a collection of historical maps, photos, and much more. The button at the very bottom of this section is linked to this website. Below are the four closest photo locations to Kukuipahu Heiau. The agency taking the photo along with the year and link are included on each photo. I did not scan these photos to identify where the heiau was in these photos, however that would be something to further contribute in the future. 


Each map was made in a different year by a different team of people and is relevant to Kukuipahu in some manner. The name of the map as well as the author and year is included in the title. There is a description connecting information on the map to Kukuipahu. These maps were obtained from a few different sources so there is also a link for each map to view the full image and online resource. 

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