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As a division of the Department of Accounting and General Services, this public archive collection holds many historic documents, films, and photos that pertain to the history of Hawaiʻi. Their mission is to ensure open government by preserving and making accessible the historic records of state government and to partner with state agencies to manage their active and inactive records.


Below is a total of 18 land indexes provided by the Hawaiʻi State Archives. Similar to a card catalog, these indexes are used when finding individual documents in the archive. Generally, indexes used for libraries, catalogs, and archives are used to store small amounts of discrete data. Each index is attached to one single source in the Hawaiʻi State Archives. 

These land indexes can be used when physically visiting the Hawaiʻi State Archive. Knowing what you want to view prior to going to the archive will help conserve time and direct your research. 

Kukuipahu Resources for Hawaiʻi State Archives

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