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The resources from this collection are provided by the State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) , under the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). SHPD holds and maintains a volume of archaeological reports, nominations to the State and National Registers, maps, and other historic site records. 


The State Historic Preservation Division holds many documents on Kukuipahu Heiau that are fairly recent. Because the heiau was listed on the State and National Historical Sites Registers and is a part of the State Parks as a Kohala Historical State Monument, there was many related documents I could pull from their search engine.


Although I wasnʻt able to get a definite search hit numbers as seen on the Kukuipahu Search Hits Data, there were many valuable resources. SHPD has their own library and archive collection which sometimes requires researchers to ask for access and pay fees. However, these documents were taken through their search engine which is easily accessible to the general public. 

Table of Kukuipahu Resources for State Historic Preservation

Annual Review of Grants From the Land Conservation Fund for Each Project That Has Been Pending For Over Five Years
25 Jan 2019
State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
Acknowledges item C-2 of an approved $7,000 grant from the Land Conservation Fund for seven acres of protective and scenic buffer for Kukuipahu Heiau as part of the North Kohala Historic Sites State Monument. Mentions the importance of having these buffers to protect the site from future development as "in the future, it is expected that Kukuipahu will be surrounded by modern development" due to Surety Kohala Corporation and Parker Ranch Inc/ Samuel Parker Trust consolidating, subdividing, and selling lands their lands in the Kukuipahu ahupuaʻa. Also includes acrage of Kukuipahu Heiau (3.056 acre parcel) and Buffer lands (7.003 acre).
Agreement for Kukuipahu SHS (Item E-2)
13 March 2015
Division of State Parks, Department of Land and Natural Resources
Curator agreement between State Historic Preservation Division and Kuamoʻo Foundation. Includes brief information on “ownership” history of heiau, a map of Kukuipahu heiau and itʻs buffer zones as well as a sketch of the heiau drawn by the State Parks in 1995. The curator program was initiated in 1987 by SHPD and the Division of State Parks to encourage community stewardship and involvement. Kukuipahu Heiau State Historic Site (SHS) is a 3 acre parcel of buffer zones. In 1999 a curator agreement was formed with the Luhiau ʻohana and renewed in 2010. The next year Kuamoʻo Foundation joined the Luhiau ʻohana in their goal to mālama, restore, and preserve the heiau.
Minutes of the December 18, 2009, Legacy Land Conservation Commission Meeting
18 Dec 2009
Legacy Land Conservation Commission
21, 22
These minutes provided more detailed input on the potential cultural significance and the land buffer acquisition for Kukuipahu Heiau. The heiau had only a 100 feet buffer zone which proved in other sites to be unsatisfactory to the site preservation. This record also includes manaʻo from two kupuna, Papa Henry Auwae and Clive Luhiau, about ceremonies they remembered from 1916 to 1918 held at Kukuipahu Heiau. They state that the heiau was pretty active up into the early 1900s and was a place where mostly healers gathered. Thatched hale were also present on site to offer hoʻokupu and prayer to the gods and to house other caretakers and gardens. He also had mentioned four kukui torches being stationed at the corners and the walls being four feet high. This gives a lot of insight as to how the heiau functioned in the early 1900s and the potential for future restoration endeavours. There was also concern on the buffer and surrounding subdivisions of land and development.
Annual Report to the Twenty-Fifth Legislature Regular Session of 2010 Relating to the Land Conservation Fund and the Legacy Land Conservation Program
Nov 2009
State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
4, 5
In response to section 173A-5 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. Highlights the requested financial support for Kukuipahu Heiau buffer zones. According to the file, the seven acre buffer surrounding three sides of the parcel is acquired by Chalon International Hawaii Inc. by the state with the aid of $960,00 land donation from the owner. The Division of State Parks will be the entity to maintain these boundaries as a “protective and scenic buffer” for the heiau.
Re: S.B. No. 1816, S.D. 1
2 Mar 2007
Russell S. Kokubun
This letter requests that section 6E-38.5 of the Hawaiʻi Revised Statues amends to codify language in land deed that directs state to consult with Kahuna Nui of Moʻokini Heiau for all matter pertaining to Moʻokini and the three other historical sites including Kamehameha's birthsite and Kukuipahu Heiau.
H.B. 1104, 24th Legislature §6E-38.5
House of Representatives Twenty-Fourth Legislature
HB 1104: bill for an act relating to historic preservation. Refers to HRS section 6E-38.5 including Kukuipahu Heiau as one of four historical sites being amended with a Kohala Historic Sites States Monument administered by the DLNR. No further mention of the heiau besides that it was included in this group of historic sites. The state recognized the significance of this heiau and declared it a historic site. However, little information is adequately presented on the history of this heiau as a “historic site”.
Senate Journal - Standing Committee Reports
151, 552, 685
On page 151 and 552, part of S.B. 1615 and 1613 on Water, Land, and Agriculture includes a paragraph mentioning Kukuipahu: "Your Committee finds that purchasing land to provide public access and buffers for the Kohala Historic Monument, which includes the Kamehameha birth site, Kukuipahu heiau, and Mo`okini Luakini, would ensure the protection of three very significant sites in Kohala. . . The Kukuipahu heiau is so old that not much is known about it. . ." Page 685 includes a similar paragraph under S.B 1613 on Ways and Means: "Your Committee finds that Act 166, Session Laws of Hawaii 1992, now codified as section 6E-38.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes, established the Kohala historical sites state monument, a collection of historic sites in North Kohala, Hawaii, including the Mo`okini Luakini, Kamehameha birthsite, Kukuipahu Heiau, and historic sites at Mahukona. Act 166 further mandated that certain additional parcels of land were to be acquired through gifts or land exchanges to provide access and buffer areas for the monument."
Planning for Sustainable Tourism, Part II: Infrastructure Overview Study
December 2002
Carter & Burgess, Inc.
Under a list titled "Funds Required For Reconstruction Of Park Facilities (2002-2012)", Kukuipahu Heiau is listed as a Kohala Historical Sites State Monument. Things in need of funding included parking, roadway, fencing, and walkways.
Archaeological Inventory Survey Kahua Makai/Kahua Shores Coastal Parcels, Supplementary Historical Documentary Research
April 1995
Kepā Maly
397, 398
Story of Kamiki and Makaʻiole who traveled along the alaloa-alahele trail challenging ʻolohe and dishonorable priests harnessing their supernatural abilities learned from their ancestress, Kauluhenuihikikoloiuka. This story is set in the time of Hikapoloa and Kapaʻauikiakalana, first co-rulers of the Kohala district. Kukuipahu was one of the lands and or chiefs who were subordinates of Hikapoloa. He was also married to the “chiefess Kukuipahu” whose child was Kepakailiula. Hikapoloa is also known to love games and would regularly call upon people of Kohala to partake in competitions.
County of Hawaii - State of Hawaii Resolution (No. 517 83)
18 Jan 1983
County Council, County of Hawaii
This record states the acknowledgment of Kukuipahu Heiau as a site of preservation as it was first listed on the Hawaii Register of Historic Places on May 22 1972. History of ownership is also briefly displayed as the site is owned by the Kohala Corporation and is agreeing to transfer land titles to the State regarding the buffer zones within 100 feet from the site. At this time it is stated that restoration efforts had not been talked about or started. The main concern with the buffer zone and preservation plans was to get rid of the “destructive growth of Christmas berry shrubs on the heiau walls”. It is also stated that the DLNR welcomes proposals of restoration if done by private initiative or the county.
National and State Register of Historic Places
1994, 1973
Spreadsheet of the National and State Register of Historic Places. Kukuipahu Heiau is listed as site number 10 02 4135 with Tax Map Key 5-6-001:075. The date recorded on the Hawaii State Register is August 29 1994 and on the National Register it was recorded on May 24 1973.
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