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This collection of Nūpepa, or Hawaiian language newspaper, is available through Ulukau. This repository has a collection of historic nūpepa published between 1834 and 1948. These newspapers can provide extensive insight on Hawaiian history, language, culture, community, and much more. 


In order to really get a good scope of resources in the Nūpepa, you must be proficient in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, Hawaiian Language. Because, I am not fluent and still learning, I did not look into much Hawaiian language documents. However, there were some I looked into and some that were not so language intensive or translated into English.


There are two resources listed that do not have anything written in the description section. These are Hawaiian Language documents that would be a good place to continue this research inventory as it mentions Kukuipahu multiple times. 

Table of Kukuipahu Nūpepa Resources

E Lawe Nui I Ka Nupepa Kuokoa I Ka A.D. 1925
11 Dec 1924
Book 63, Paper 50, Page 5
Nupepa Kuokoa
Na Hiohiona O Kohala
22 Feb 1868
Book 7, Paper 8, Page 3
Nupepa Kuokoa
Ke Au Ia Umi
22 May 1865
Book 1, Paper 5, Page 4
References Kuupapaulau as a heiau.
Ke Au Okoa
(No Title)
26 Aug 1848
Book 4, Paper 7, Page 25
List of ahupuaʻa throughout Hawaiʻi Island. Kukuipahu is listed once.
Ka Elele Hawaii
(No Title)
17 July 1848
Book 4, Paper 4, Page 17
List of ahupuaʻa and ʻili throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Kukuipahu isnʻt listed as an ahupuaʻa, Lahuiki is listed as being an ʻili in Kukuipahu.
Ka Elele Hawaii
Ka Helu Ana O Nakanaka. Hawaii.
9 Dec 1835
Book 1, Paper 25, Page 193
This seems to be a like a census counting kane, wahine, and kamaliʻi in each ahupuaʻa. The total number of people counted in Kukuipahu at this time was 319: 70 kane, 82 wahine, 167 kamaliʻi.
Ke Kumu Hawaii
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